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The worst service ever. I bought a ticket from Cleveland Ohio to Cairo Egypt. They arranged the whole trip which had airCanada as one of the airlines. They took my data and knew that I am not American so that I have to acquire a transit visa to be able to transit in Canada, but they did not tell me. I booked the ticket on March 5th and on April 21st I knew by chance that I may need a transit visa, so I sent them an email asking if I really need... Read more

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Tried to book a flight with them since they offered a price about $100 better than what i found online. It has a request to call them because this is "only over the phone deal". Turned out that the price they "hook" you with does not have anything to do with the search you submitted. Its just an arbitrary number with arbitrary dates. When the girl on the phone actually priced my ticket it was way over the cheapest prices i found myself online.... Read more

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I'm from the Philippines, and a J1 Visa student, I was booked by the Budget Airlines a travel agency from the Philippines. The airline is Delta, I was shocked that my ticket cost $2346 connecting flights last March 30,2016 From Manila Philippines to Narita Japan to Detroit Michigan to Knoxville Tennessee . And my exit date will be June 25, that was connecting flight again from Seatle Washington to Detroit Michigan to Narita Japan to Manila... Read more

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Got a ticket going to Asia,( China eastern airline ) it's kinda frustrating bec they don't even know the airline customer service hotline ( China eastern) , when I googled it , can't even understand bec it's all printed in Chinese language , no more second chances in this airline , can't even call / talk to an agent .( travel agency which is ASAP is helpful but they can't provide the info re: allowed luggages and how much is the cost of an... Read more

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Yes, I can advise about ASAP in two words. STAY AWAY. We tried to use this service for our tickets and found it to be an absolute nightmare. We bought tickets to Rome at a good price using the online service. The online service required that we include the 1-800 customer service number from the credit card we were using, which seemed suspicious and unorthodox to me, but I thought, 'what the heck...this is basically public information. We... Read more

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Hello. Ask ko lang kung san pwede makakuha ng ticket for asap. Gusto ko po kase pumunta para pabgbirthday ko na din po sa sarili ko. Add comment

I booked a last minute ticket Denver- Kathmandu just after the first earthquake last April. I called them and got a fare even lower than the fare online. In fact the guy called back twice with progressively lower fares as he found them. I was actually pretty impressed. I flew Emirates (which I HIGHLY recommend) and had no problems in any way. I have no financial interest in ASAP travel. I thought I'd add this for some balance. Read more

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Thank God, and all of you guys for your feed back. Taking the time to educate people like me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Really. Because I was about to book a ticket to India, it is true that they keep calling you to pester you to buy a ticket from them. I don't have time,energy or money to deal with them. I am a single mother and a student. So thanks once again for saving me from tons of truble.!!! :) Read more

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Last night I called them to inquire about a flight, I reluctantly gave the sales person my phone number, which I usually NEVER do (not once on this line before) and the call ended. Not 12 hours later I received a phone call from "microsoft" saying they detected an error on my computer and needed to access it. Mind you I have not received ANY calls from telemarketers or strangers on this phone line EVER. There is zero chance it is a... Read more

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I have been a customer since 2008. I have bought tickets in the past with no problem. Yes, this company can get you an awesome deal on tickets. But, if trips don't go as planned, this company is not reliable to even return your call. I spoke to Ella who stated that she will check rebooking options & penalty. It has been 24 hrs, I haven't heard anything. I called numerous times and spoke to different representatives. They state that they are... Read more

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