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The ad quotes a travel price for an exotic Asian destination at 20 % or more below all other discounted prices with a large conspicuous link to book or find out more which immediately leads to a phone call to or from an agent. The deal is at least six months off with other restrictions making it totally impractical or not worth testing. In arguing the quotation and ambiguities in the posted offer... Read more

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They do no have any deals as shown on their website. I just called them for a round ticket to India which they showed on their website as a cheap price. First the field on which they asked to provide the mobile number to call us back, did not accept the phone number. Second .. on calling their help line number, they took the details and told me that they would call back in next 15 min.. Nobody... Read more

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I called this agency for my flight booking and one of the guy called Heith n he was workin with me to get the better price. Later just before booking i got to know that there is agency fee of $250 in addition to airline penalty which would range between 200 to 400 plus fare difference in case if i want to change the dates. Later i got a better deal from another one n switched to that. And this... Read more

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I called ASAP tickets about 1 week before my departure date and the agent found me a flight for $900 RT with a 2 hour layover in Munich.The agent said I have an aisle seat on both the trip to Munich and on to Turkey.You can't see the seat you get until 24 hours before your flight at which time I saw it was the worst center seat possible! I was pissed! But I got to the airport 3 hours early and... Read more

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I decided to check out an advertisement I saw on another site which stated Philippines from $488. On their web site they have the standard method for inputting your flight criteria for cities and dates. Upon submitting the flight criteria, their web site returned a flight for $1,184.80. I called the phone number and was told that there is no flight matching my submitted criteria for the price... Read more

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ASAP tickets (online) gave me the price of $1335 for my airfare to Turkey on the dates I specified. This was the total price, including all taxes etc. I was required to call an agent to book the round trip flight. The operator told me an agent, Chester A, would be working with me and I could expect a call back from him within 15 minutes. Two hours later I called ASAP again. They put me through... Read more

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