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I've been trying to get a refund for plane ticket I purchased from APSP Tickets. I was "cat-fished" into buying a ticket for person that does not exist.

I filed a Police Report for Larceny 6th degree, stating how I was conned by someone who stole another woman's identity to but her a plane ticket from Germany to NYC to come live with me. When I found out that I was cat-fished, tried to cancel with Norwegian Airlines 10 days prior to the flight, and they informed me that ASAP Tickets were the only ones who can cancel the ticket and give me a refund, so I sent them a copy of the police report as well, and asked them for my money back.

However, I got an email from ASAP Tickets saying they can not issue a refund, because it's totally up to Norwegian Airline to decide? My ticket was cancelled with Norwegian with plenty of time for them to re-sell that seat, so no reason for me to not get a refund from ASAP Tickets!


I'm guessing it's ASAP Tickets who's not telling me the truth, and just trying to keep my money! And, I have a totally legitimate documented reason from the Police Departments cyber crime person stating this as well, so I'm not making this stuff up!

Product or Service Mentioned: Asap Tickets Customer Care.

Location: New Milford, Connecticut

Asap Tickets - Be careful.
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Hi there! Did you get any resolution to your refund request?

If not please consider joining the following FB group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/875399****45768/?ref=share We can’t let ASAPtickets get away with stealing our money!


Get a hold of your local news and report this! Their reporters LOVE stories like this, and may get your money back for you!


Why would I not call my bank when I believe I'm being ripped off! I will gladly stop my dispute with the bank, if you will refund my money!

And, you are NOT telling the truth regarding the airlines. I called Norwegian to cancel and they said it was up to ASAP Tickets to cancel and up to them, not Norwegian, to issue a refund. As far as electronic ticket, they are all electronic until you get to the airport to print them out upon checking in. ASAP Tickets did cancel my reservation with Norwegian 7 days before the fight date.

Once you canceled my reservation, that seat was open to re-sell, and I'm sure Norwegian did re-sell it.

Why must you follow std rules when I have a police report stating how I was mis-led and conned by a cat-fisher. You said to get you a police report and I did, proving my story, so an exception is due here!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you for your review. We would like to address a few points in it, so you can perhaps better understand the situation.

Cancellation is not the same as a refund, and initiating one does not necessarily entail the other. Electronic tickets cannot be re-sold, and are subject to the rules of the fare they were issued on. Those fare rules are set by the airline, and in this case, they do not allow refund. Furthermore, records indicate that you have opened disputes with your bank for the fully authorized charges.

As such, no refund of any kind is possible while the payments are in dispute. We feel for your predicament, but ASAP Tickets has not in any way misled you, and we must follow the standard procedure for cancellation.

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