I decided to check out an advertisement I saw on another site which stated Philippines from $488. On their web site they have the standard method for inputting your flight criteria for cities and dates.

Upon submitting the flight criteria, their web site returned a flight for $1,184.80. I called the phone number and was told that there is no flight matching my submitted criteria for the price shown on their web site.

They insisted that their legal adviser assured them that this is not false advertising and that I just did not understand how airline prices are determined.

I don't care what they want to call it. If their web site shows a price based on the flight criteria submitted which is not available, that is misleading and a waste of my time.

Monetary Loss: $1184.

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I think this is not really fraud...

Its the same thing as saying "fares from $" like you see in ads and newspaper. And when you call them, unless your travel plan fall within the sale period, it truly is.

For example;

They may have advertised a fare price but they omit the fine print that says, 1.

travel between the month of June, 2. Weekends not included, 3. Holidays not included, 4.

Only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (which are the cheapest days of the week), 5. Only 10 tickets under this price left.

Again, if your travel plan satisfies their fine print, then you can avail of the advertised fare.

This is a typical eye catching commercial you encounter everyday, but definitely not a "fraud".

Gainesville, Florida, United States #884292

This also happened to today. I was checking the price for a round trip flight from Jax, Florida, to Kathmandu when ASAP popped up with a price of $923.00 which was $168.00 cheaper than Expedia.

I called the number on the pop up.They said that price was for 9 day roundtrip and not for a month. he said I could get that price after six months and quoted me a price fit $. 1168.

This is false advertisement and willful fraud. These people need to be investigated and put behind bars.


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