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I purchased 8 round-trip tickets to Europe in December 2019. In addition to the tickets, I purchased ticket protection.

COVID hit in March 2020 and our Europe trip was not confirmed due to COVID and the worldwide lockdown. I inquired about our tickets and was told to just sit tight and see how everything goes as the flight was scheduled for August 2020. But come May, Europe closed its borders to Americans and our flight was cancelled.

This is where the dishonesty, the lies, and horrific customer service started. I called and inquired about my refund.

I was told I had non-refundabke tickets and so I wouldn't get a refund. I reminded them that I had purchased tickets protection, and suddenly the expensive ticket protection doesn't apply to this situation (it does, spelled out in their terms).

They finally agreed to give me a refund but I would lose the ticket protection price, plus I would have to pay $100 per ticket to cancel (a total of $1200 loss). I was told these were fees being charged by the airline (which was a lie), then I was told that Lufthansa never refunded my ticket price (which ended up being another lie). When I disagreed, I was pretty much hung up on.

I waited a week and called back. My original agent no longer worked at ASAP and I was sent to another agent, she basically told me the same thing the other guy did. So I filed a chargeback claiming that the service I paid for failed to be provided (through Chase Bank, they also were horrible and I have since closed my accounts). After much back and forth, the agent finally agreed to give me a 100% credit of all fees paid for 2 years.

I wasn't happy, but I took it. This happened in July 2020.

Fast forward to the beginning of November, I got a call from ASAP...a new agent...telling me I needed to use all of my credit by 12/31/20 or I would lose all of it. OR I could pay $100 per ticket to cancel them. I lost my temper and argued with this agent, again.

I was told that the $100 was being charged by the airline, again. When I told him I had it in writing that my credit was good for 2 years, I was told that the agent that made that promise was no longer employed with ASAP and so it would not be honored. After stating that it was illegal for the airline to charge any fees, the "airline fees" became "rush bank fees".

Eventually, I was told my refund was processed on 11/10/20 and was completed on 11/21/20. When I followed up, again, on 11/21/20 because I didn't get my refund, I was told it may take 3-6 weeks for my bank to clear it (also a lie).

The lies never stop with this company.

Yes, I finally got my refund (12/21/20). It only took 7 months and me filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney General of CA, and the US Dept of Transportation.

And when that didn't work, I finally filed for Binding Arbitration before Hannah from ITN (parent company) emailed me and actually initiated the 100% refund.


User's recommendation: STAY FAR AWAY.

Preferred solution: I got my refund but want to tell others about my horrible experience. .

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