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I payed for protection plan so I can get refund or rebooked my flight in case I change the date at no charge ; the flight representative told me I get the full refund if I buy the protection plan , Now it changed : they only refunding 50 percent off the ticket and they will refund 100 percent if I present them with a proof that the passenger is in death bed or in hospital with serious medical issues.

Also: they kept changing the flight dates and time so they screwing up all our vacation plans : if you change the date they charge you fees but its ok for them to change your flight without any adjustments in ticket prices

One more thing that really sucks is ; the representative always ask for tips after the transactions and they want big tips. Where can you find a travel company that ask for tip to their customers .Do not buy ticket at ASAP because they are scam and their price is not cheap as they show it on their advertisement.

User's recommendation: Do not buy plane tickets on ASAP -.

Asap Tickets Pros: Great service until they get your money.

Asap Tickets Cons: Extremely poor customer service after you buy your ticket, No help if any issues.

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I have had extremely poor service from Ward, Head of Customer Relationship Department | ASAP Tickets. My full refund for two June flights to Glasgow, Scotland, has now dragged on for five months.

Icelandair, with whom ASAP booked our flights, refunded the actual flight cost about two months ago directly to my Visa account. I have been seeking a refund of a substantial ticket-cost overcharge made by ASAP.

I have been lied to repeatedly by the booking agent, had false information sent to my Visa bank by ITN, the ASDAP parent company, and encountered nothing but total confusion and delays with customer service. Stay clear of this company.

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Dear Mylin M, please help us to locate your travel request by sending your Booking Confirmation Number and associated email address at with the reference to the Review Number #2276873. Thank you in advance!

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