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We bought our ticket through them going to the philippines for nov 6 flight. In the beginning, they were very helpful and nice.

As soon as they got paid, our headache started. Our flight from manila to davao were changed 3 times and it wasn't confirmed until saturday, and our flight was 2 days away, monday. Imagine..the feeling of not knowing whether u have a sit in the airplaine or not. We called them, all the time about the issue why our flight was changing all the times and they have many excuses, or they will point fingers to others.

When u want to talk to the person, they were not around or they wont call back right away. We asked for the manager but its either not available, worked in the other bldg or not in. Our father passed away and this was the reason why we went home. So we were worried that we wont make it in time of the funeral coz the problem of our flight from manila to davao.

We were already stressed about our families, the last thing we need was more problem and they know our situation. To make the matter worst..we found out that friday..that we have two bookings..our agent, Thompson, our flight from manila to davao was book as domestic flight. We're flying from canada to manila,however, because we were book domestic in manila, therefore, our luggages were not considered as an international flight. Therefore, we have to pay..we had 6 luggages and 3 carry ons since they were 3 of us.

We were mortified. Imagine the cost of our luggages to check in as domestic. We have 300 lbs. total and the limit for domestic was only 10 kls each.

We complained and called. Our agent told us since we were flying through china eastern, phil airlines has no contract agreement between the two regarding luggages. In short we got screwed so we have to pay. I thought this person worked as an agent for 5 yrs know better bout making sure the clients got all the informations when tickets were issued.

We travelled a lot and we never have issues in term of luggages. The problem was we were not aware that we were book domestic flight from manila and they didnt tell us. We found out the last moment when we asked about our luggages. The agent promised us to keep our receipt and he will refund us from his pocket when we come back.

The monday all day before our flight until in the airport , we called and called our agent to rectify the issue but never returned our calls. We even bought insurances to protect us in case something happen but i realized this people has no intention of helping their customer s when there' s an issues. Once they get the money, you are on your own. This flight cost us more than we expected but the stress and the ordeal this company put us through in this situation we were in has no price tag.

This agent was heartless, greedy and inadequate and this reflect the company itself. NEVER AGAIN I WILL DEAL WITH THIS ASAP TRAVEL AGENCY ESPECIALLY , THE AGENT, THOMPSON.

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Asap Tickets Verified Representative

Thank you for your review. We would like to apologize for any miscommunication from our travel agent's side, it was truly not in our intentions.

According to records your luggage was successfully returned. We would like to assure you that we have taken all the necessary steps to remedy this situation.

Should you need any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you.


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