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Iam so disappointed with ASAP tickets. I had a flight scheduled to go out the country to Ghana back in March, but my flight was canceled by asap tickets because of the corona virus.

It is now July and Im still struggling trying to see about my refund or whats going on with my money I paid almost $900. I dont know when or if Ill even be going to Ghana now or when itll be safe and I now have corona virus and dont think I want to even go out the country anymore at all. These people always saying theyll call me back theyre still trying g to find out the status of my ticket. That is crazy that it is taking this long for me to find out anything.

I cant even get a straight answer or call back from my agent and everytime I call I get the run around and keep getting the same excuse or keeping getting told different things from different employees and Im not getting anywhere with anyone they dont even let you speak to a supervisor. This was my second time booking a flight to Ghana through them but this will be my last time. Im so unhappy and the customer service is very unprofessional and dishonest and they play too many games and I think theyre trying to keep my money. Please can a supervisor or manager call me and let me know whats going on this is so frustrating and aggravating.

My agent chrystal said theyll probably go bankrupt after giving everyone their own money back. How would they go bankrupt for giving people Their own money back for something they paid for that they didnt bet. This is a pandemic and a killer virus out there. Thats not the customers fault we couldnt take our trip we should be refunded.

I cant go next year and that should be my choice. They keep saying someone is working on it.

But why is it taking soooo long. I dont believe anything they say and I think they’re scamming people and trying to keep their money

Monetary Loss: $878.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Asap Tickets Pros: Better customer service.

Asap Tickets Cons: Attempted to scam.

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Same here’s time to take a lawyer and see if we all get together and take them into court !!!! And time to go public and ruin their “ reputation “!!!!! Let’s make noise

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Dear customer, please help us to locate your travel request by sending your Booking Confirmation Number and associated email address at with the reference to the review number #2060113. Thank you in advance!

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