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With Company response

So, this company is totally CORRUPT! Our flight got cancelled 5x now.

Our original flight was May 4th. Due to pandemic it was cancelled and we totally understand that. So, we rebooked our flight and they said the next available one was May 9 with same price. So, we agreed.

We rebooked it again and again because they want to charge us for additional $150 penalty refund!!!!!

Like, SERIOUSLY?!? Let me just break down all the original ticket price we paid:

May 4 - $1,799.22 (ticket price) + $158.90 (Their NONSENSE travel care)

------That was cancelled------

May 9- $1799.22 (so, it's even from the first one, we didn't pay any additional for the ticket price except for additional travel care of $158.90)

------That was cancelled--------

May 16- Aside from $1,799.22 credits that we have, they charged as $1,170.20 on top of that. So, that will give us a total of $2,969.42

-------Then it was cancelled so they offer us a flight on:

June 8- $2,093.20 (ticket price)

-------In which, they should give us back a total of $876.22 REFUND, RIGHT? But we DID NOT RECEIVE ANYTHING FROM THEM!

And they told us that the only amount that we will soon received will be $374!!!!! WHAT A THIEF!

-------Now, they cancelled the flight again and gave us this:

July 3- $1,912 (ticket price)

-----So from, June 8 - July 3, we should get ANOTHER refund of $180.36

So, our refund total should be $1,056.58 FROM THAT TIME.

But the again, it was cancelled!!!

Last time we spoke to an agent from their schedule change team, and we asked if we could just get a refund. And he told us that they will charge us $150!!!!! And it will take them 30-60 days for the refund and they will check first if it's eligible!!!

Like, really people???!!

We are not the one who cancelled! We are not the one who's giving the flight! But we are the one to be charged for that damn Penalty Refund????!!!!! That's too much!!


Now, Ive filed a complaint from BBB and a dispute from my bank. Then our travel agent sent us an e-mail stating that they will just give me a refund of $3,128.32 (well, it should be $3,287.22). Anyway, I just want my money back!

Then, Ive contacted my travel agent last October 14th and ask for an update. October 19th, she told me that I have to call my bank since I filed a dispute.

And so, I did what she asked me to do.

I called my bank and they told me that the company refused to accept/ approve my dispute. And so, I got pissed!

I, then called my travel agent and told her that. She told me that, she didnt hear anything from the resolutions team. So, asked her how many times that I wanted to speak to her supervisor or to the resolutions team BUT she gave me a lot of reasons that I cant be able to speak to them.

ITS BEEN MORE THAN 135DAYS since we asked for a refund!


DONT BE A ONE BIG TIME SCAMMER (you cannot blame me for addressing you this!). GIVE OUR REFUND BACK!

Product or Service Mentioned: Asap Tickets Flight Booking.

Monetary Loss: $3287.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Asap Tickets Pros: I will never use this companny again.

Asap Tickets Cons: Seems like a scam, Lack of refunding, Waiver of customer rights.

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STRENGTH BY NUMBERS Please join the FACEBOOK group ASAP Tickets/ITN and no Refund HELP. Let's help each other.

There is a moderator/admin who may want to get some info before you get accepted into the group.

Please share your experiences and updates (good or bad). Your help is NEEDED, ASAP (no pun intended).


Cheap OAir same companies different names! Same damn call center and people from India with no conscience! I wish Karma strikes them all!


Abigail, We have had the same experience with ASAP for ever a year now with flight cancellations, up charges, and selling of travel insurance with no benefits. We have not been able to get a refund until now despite following all their processes.

It cost $500 for us to just file a refund request so was taking a loss. I just wanted to ask if you have had any success or have advice.

Thanks. Fellow pissed customer


They write their own reviews on trust pilot


I totally believe they pay people to write reviews. Every negative comment is replaced with at least 10 positive comments. Very suspicious.


What is interesting is to see the number of complaints and then they have the nerve to give them a 4-5 star rating. Yes the agents are nice but the problem is even if you bought the travel/ticket insurance, You cannot get your money back even though it is covid related travel issue.


Join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/covidrefundsasaptickets/?ref=share. We are working to ensure that everyone gets a refund.


same thing happened to me


Do not accept anything less than a full refund. Keep pushing your disputes through BBB, California Attorney General's Office, and the US Dept of Transportation. If that doesn't get them moving, you may want to consider filing a demand for arbitration.


This has to be taken action. Refund the employees money NOW!!


I will never use them again. Agents lie and scam you out of money with „fees“ that are no where in their written policy.


Don’t ever book tickets here!!!!! Worst service ever!!!!!!


Very bad service...


please help



Response #1945578

Dear Abigail, we understand the importance of your issue. Please accept our apologies for any delays caused by the overwhelming number of cancellations and refunds.

We will relay this message to the appropriate department and your Travel Agent. We are prioritizing the issue you're facing, and our team is already working actively to resolve the issue.


I will wait for your IMMEDIATE RESPONSE with regards to this matter. This is TAKING SO LONG!

Our travel agent, already told us how many months ago that they will be prioritizing this issue. But still, we didn’t get our refunds yet.

I hope that this WON’T HAPPEN TO YOUR NEXT CUSTOMERS! Because it’s a shame!


Crazy how such travel company can take advantage of the pandemic. They should return their money.

Shame on you guys! Scammers!


This is a scam. Make a refund!


Not recommending this.

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