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I have been doing business with your travel agency for the past 5 years.

On July 21st, 2019; I called you to book a flight to Istanbul and spoke to Ms. Paige.

She booked for me a return ticket Baton Rouge - Istanbul - Baton Rouge, departing September 23rd, 2019 and returning, November 20th, 2019.

Everything seemed to be fine.

Later on, I needed to talk to her about some issues related to schedule changes with my flight.

It was impossible reaching her.

I kept trying and leaving messages, but it was in vain. This agent NEVER called me or emailed me back.

After I have exhausted all venues to reach her, the only choice left was to deal with any other agent available to answer my calls and help me with my inquiries. All this started after I have received an email from Delta informing me that there were changes with my flight's schedule.

A new agent, who goes by the name of Cutner C., a Russian national located in San Francisco, CA, answered my call on Saturday, September 21st, 2019, just 2 days before my trip on September 23rd, 2019!

He asked me who my agent was, and I told him Ms. Paige.

He put me on hold and came back to tell me that she wasn't working on that day. Since I urgently needed to talk to someone about the flight changes, I told him that anyone should be able to help me, and he offered himself.

I obviously agreed and explained to him about my concern regarding the time change of my return from Istanbul to Baton Rouge.

He started putting me on hold to look into my ticket. In the end, he told me that my ticket was NO MORE VALID AND THAT I NEEDED TO PURCHASE A NEW ONE!!!

I was shocked to hear his statement after I had prepared my luggage and was ready to leave on the scheduled departure date. I objected and told him that I have already bought the ticket.

Cutner insisted telling me that the payment of my ticket purchased with his colleague Paige DID NOT GO THROUGH AND HAD EXPIRED because I waited too long!!!!!

I was puzzled by what this man said and panicked because my departure was already confirmed on September 23rd.

After I told Cutner that he was wrong and that I had already bought the ticket, he KEPT INSISTING THAT I DIDN'T HAVE A TICKET AND CONSEQUENTLY I CANNOT FLY ON SEPTEMBER 23RD, 2019.

I asked him to transfer me to a supervisor. He asked me what for?? I told him that I needed to see clear with my situation. He told me that the supervisor will exactly confirm what himself just said.

In other words he refused to transfer me to anyone and kept INSISTING that I needed to purchase a new ticket!!

My luggage was ready and I had already made my contacts overseas with family and friends.

On that day, my internet was shut down to not incur charges while abroad. My conversation with this man happened on Saturday, September 21st, 2019 at 1:30 pm.

I told him that I needed to rush to the library that was about 50 minutes drive from my house in order to discuss with him the purchase of a new ticket with the same itinerary, same date and time as established with his colleague Paige.

I arrived at the library around 2:15 pm and my MARATHON with Cutner started since then. It was a nightmare DEALING with this man.

He put me on hold many times and came back to give me the price of a wrong itinerary quoting from ISTANBUL - BATON ROUGE - ISTANBUL instead of BATON ROUGE - ISTANBUL - BATON ROUGE (documents in my possess). In other words, he put me on hold to give me the price of the opposite itinerary!

It was already 4:30 pm and I was exasperated and stressed out.

After I told him that I am flying from Baton Rouge to Istanbul and not from Istanbul to Baton Rouge... he went back to correct the itinerary keeping me seated on the edge and EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED because on Saturdays, the library closes at 6 pm.

After several waiting and holding for him, he told me that the last minute price for a flight to Istanbul was $2,445.00!!! I obviously dismissed his offer. This burden lasted several hours as it was already 5 pm.

He kept putting me on hold and coming back and forth.

In the end, he told me that he found a flight at $971.00= departing October 22nd, 2019 and returning to Baton Rouge, on December 6th, 2019.

All this happened like I stated previously, 2 days before my departure on September 23rd, 2019.

I immediately accepted the flight at $971.13= I was ready to pay him the cost of the ticket using my credit card number. He said that I needed to make the payment online. It was a race with the time because it was around 5:30 pm and I had only half an hour before the closing of the library. I signed online and paid the ticket with a MasterCard.

The payment went through just few minutes before 6 pm. I have also purchased a protection insurance for my entire trip. I called Cutner to make sure my payment went through and he confirmed it.

Besides, he told me that he was going to deposit a small amount of money to make sure my credit card is good before withdrawing the total amount of the ticket including the insurance.

The following day, Sunday, September 22nd, 2019, I called my master card card's and the agent told me that there was an amount of $1.15= deposited by ASAP. I immediately called Cutner at his personal toll free number 1 80* 508 **** confirming the amount of $1.15 in order to proceed with the withdrawal of the cost of the ticket.

In the meantime, I have changed my mind about the insurance protection and asked him to cancel it.

After returning back home from the library, I cleared my luggage from all my belongings and items I was carrying for my daughter and family since the new departure date of my flight purchased with Cutner was scheduled on October 22nd, 2019 with return from Istanbul to Baton Rouge, on December 6th, 2019.

On September 23rd 2019, THE SAME DAY OF MY DEPARTURE, my phone rang at 9:25 am.

It was Paige calling me after an absence of 2 months reminding me that my flight was confirmed at 3:05 pm and that I needed to hurry to catch the flight from Baton Rouge to Atlanta. I was still sleeping at that hour.

My friend, Ms. Robinson who was in another room, heard me arguing with Paige telling her that my flight was postponed to October 22nd and that I have already purchased a new ticket with Cutner. She insisted that my ticket is valid and that I needed to hurry to Baton Rouge airport!

I felt dizzy as I was extremely frustrated.

My blood pressure went to the stars and I started feeling numbing and pain in my chest. Ms. Robinson who happened to be at my house on that day tried to calm me down and asked me if she needed to call an ambulance! I am a 73 years old citizen now with a history of hypertension.

This such change of my trip and the burden I went through affected seriously my health creating lot of commotion, anxiety and frustration. At that point, the only choice I had was TO HURRY UP.

I spoke to the supervisor of Paige, Mr. Nelson and asked him to refund me the $971.13= I have already paid online.

It was 10 am when I started running like crazy in my house. I had only 2 hours to get ready and leave.

The airport was one hour distant from my house.

I started throwing in my luggage my belongings and left my house in EXTREME HURRY to not miss my flight to Atlanta.

Because of the incompetence and indifference of these employees, I had left behind all important items I needed to carry for my daughter who lives overseas and whom I see once every year or 2 years.

In your website, you promise a 24/7/365 Excellent Service Provided by 850 Live Travel Agents!!! Is that true?


Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Free open round trip Baton Rouge - Istanbul - Baton Rouge.

Asap Tickets Cons: Cutner and paige worse agents.

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