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On July 21, 2019; I called ASAP to book a flight to Istanbul. Paige booked a round trip Baton Rouge - Istanbul - Baton Rouge, departing September 23rd, 2019 and returning November 20th, 2019.

Delta changed my flight's schedule.

I called and emailed many times Paige to discuss the new schedule but she never called me back.

Another agent, Cutner answered my call and told me that he can help. After putting me on hold forever back and forth, he told me that my ticket was no more valid and that I needed TO PURCHASE A NEW ONE!!!

I have already prepared my luggage and was ready to leave on the scheduled departure date. He even refused to transfer me to a supervisor when I objected, insisting that a supervisor will agree with him. He kept telling me that I needed to purchase a new ticket.

This guy was a nightmare.

After lot of hassle, I paid a new ticket $971.13 starting October 22nd, 2019 with return on December 6th, 2019.

On September 23rd 2019, on the same departure day, my phone rang at 9:30 am. It was Paige who, after an absence of 2 months, called me to remind me that my flight was confirmed at 3:05 pm and that I needed to hurry to the airport.

I am a senior citizen. A friend of mine who happened to be at my house, heard me arguing with Paige telling her that I have already purchased a new ticket from Cutner and that my flight was postponed to October 22nd.

She insisted that my ticket is valid and that I needed to hurry to Baton Rouge airport to not lose it! I had only 2 hours to get ready and leave.

The airport was one hour distant from my house. I started throwing in my luggage my belongings and rushed to the airport forgetting lot of gifts, items, medicals and supplements. Because of the incompetence of these 2 "agents", I have left behind all these important items I have been gathering and purchasing to carry for my daughter whom I see once every year or every 2 years.

I was lucky to have my friend at home on that day to bring me to the airport.

I do not recommend this company to anyone.

Besides, they do not acknowledge their wrong doing believing their agents are perfect and do not even try to work out things with you to give you some credit. I have tolerated the rudeness of some agents in the past, but after my bad experience with these two agents, I have decided to move on to other travel agencies.

Location: Hammond, Louisiana

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