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Stay away from this company. They take your money and will put you on hold and not answer the phone when trying to get customer support.

The insurance they sell for 158.00 is worthless. Buy straight from the airline and you should be better off when trying to cancel or change your reservation.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I have finally received a refund after months of fighting and jumping through hoops. My flight was cancelled by the airline.

If your flight was not cancelled you probably won’t get a refund. The best thing to do is get one person from asap only as a contact, keep all their information and work directly with them.

If they are not cooperating ask for their supervisor. Also file with the BBB online.


That is great news! Congrats!!!

Our flights were also cancelled by the airline but Asaptickets refused to refund us anyway. The Asaptickets agent in charge with our refund, Joseph S. (855-944-****) even tried to scam us into paying another $1000 to get our money back! Unreal!

After leaving a review on here, Asaptickets finally emailed me back saying that our refund request was in process but I DO NOT trust them! I did file a complaint with the BBB and I am also considering submitting one with the State Attorney General's office. Would you mind sharing how long it took for Asaptickets to refund you (from the time they agreed to it to the time you actually received it)?

Was the BBB the only mediator helping resolve your refund issue with them? Thank you and again, congrats!

@Irina A Xfy

It took about 4 months. I had filed a dispute with my credit card company and was told it had to be cancelled before I got the refund.

Call and ask for Winona. Her supervisor is Valentine if Winona is not fast enough.

844 225 **** is her direct line. winona.f@***.com


Oh my! 4 months is a LONG LONG time!

I don't think that I can wait that long... This truly is a nightmare! Thank you for sharing your experience and your agent's contact info. I might contact her as the agent assigned to us by Asaptickets (Joseph S.) is a crook and is not interested in helping with our refund AT ALL.

We were about to open a dispute with our credit card company as well but decided not to (for now) for the reason that you mentioned.

However, if our request is not processed in a reasonable time frame, I will file a complaint with the state Attorney General's office and if enough of us do, this could lead to a lawsuit against Asaptickets! They can not get away with stealing people's money like this!!!

@Irina A Xfy

Don’t trust them ..we are still waiting since April 29 !!!


Yes It was horrible aggravation! Just contact every day until they get tired of it and refund you!


I am sorry to hear that! That is terrible and SO WRONG!!!

Was your flight also cancelled by the airline? How is Asaptickets justifying your refund to be taking so long???


To all !! Our lawyers are looking into bring them to court !!!

And We make the public and internet famous as crooks and thief’s !!!!!!! Karma will get them ...

Let’s stick together and keep posting everywhere .. we already got a good response with Chanel 11 and working on a segment with them


join this group of people that have same issues https://www.facebook.com/groups/875399****45768/?ref=share


I just want to let you know that I have a hard time dealing with my agent: Arthur ( Ph: 844-248-****) When I bought those tickets his name was Zave ( Ph: 855-945-****) Same agent different name. Very good service when I bought it, now my agent who is in charge with my refund does not pick up my calls.

Delta airline sent a full amount back to ASAP tickets. Stay away of this company!

@doru S Gup

I’m still fighting with them and Delta gave them a full refund also. I now have the Better Business Bureau involved. My credit card company capital one only gave a temporary credit.

@doru S Gup

Same here ..will now get in touch with channel 7 in nyc to see if they can help us ,also out in a call to our business lawyer !! Let’s see what can be done !!

People need to be warned from them !!! Lesson learned by us cheaper is not always better !! We had 4 trips returned to us !!

Zero issues by travel agency or airline ( full refund )!!! Only ASAP tickets is playing this games !!!

@doru S Gup

Try Winona 844 225 **** that’s her direct line. Her supervisor is valentine if she doesn’t help fast enough.


I'm having the same experience. They were so quick to process my payment, but due to COVID my flight was cancelled and now I'm having a hard time getting them to process my refund!!!


they are pulling bait and switch on us. we have emailed stating we would get full refund, told BBB we would be getting full refund, now trying to say airlines is disabling monetary refund. They just don't want to give us back money.


Call your credit card company if you put the tickets on it. They should help!


I am having similar problem with no success. Problem with destination country and mandatory quarantine and once out of quarantine, multiple checkpoints that do not allow for leisure travel.

I requested to cancel and was told my tickets were non-refundable for asap, when I checked with United Airlines, they were offering refunds to customers who purchased their tickets directly with United AIRLINES (not via ASAP) and so was a second carrier offering refunds when tickets were purchased directly to the airlines vs purchasing via an agency like ASAP-claiming tickets to be non-refundable). I AM WATCHING DAILY NEWS FROM DESTINATION COUNTRY WHERE PASSENGERS THAT ARRIVED WERE PUT IN QUARANTINE AND TESTED BUT WAITING AT LEAST 2 WEEKS TO GET RESULTS BACK. SOME OF TRAVELERS ARE CURRENTLY SLEEPING UNDER FREEWAY OVERPASS BUT WITHOUT PROPER PAPERWORK FROM THE GOVERNMENT, THEY ARE IN LIMBO WITH NO MONEY AND NO WAY TO EXIT THEIR SITUATION. SEEMS THAT ONCE THEY LEFT THE TERMINAL, THEY HAD NO TIME TO STOP AT ATM TO GET CASH.


I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TRAVEL INTERNATIONALLY AT THIS POINT IN TIME. I have called requesting help from my agent and he has told me that he would follow up with me because I was calling him on his cell phone on his day off.

@Toriana Mla

ASAPtickets is a fraud with criminal customer service’s parctises. I filed a complaint with the BBB and my next step will be to file one with the state Attorney General’s office.

There is also a FB group called Asap tickets/scam/no refund/ class action lawsuit.

We need to join forces to get results. We can’t let Asaptickets get away with stealing our money!

@Irina A Xfy

I am in on a lawsuit ! Let me know what I have to do ..the more the better ! More power


If my refund issue does not get resolved in a reasonable time frame, I will file a complaint with the state Attorney General's Office and if enough of us do, that can lead to a lawsuit against Asaptickets.

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