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I previously paid for a flight with ASAP tickets, total of $929.88 departing 10 June 2020 from Phoenix to Manila and returning 30 June from Manila to Phoenix, ITN confirmation LMFBK2. On 11 May 2020, I received an email ffrom ASAP tickets advising me of an itinerary change on my flight to Manila from Phoenix and was offered an alternative flight option to change and confirm the changes offered.

I chose a new date a departure date of 10 August and returning date of 30 August, same ITN confirmation LMFBK2. I was assigned to an agent named Sophie who made all the changes and I was advised that there was a price difference of $35.00 for the rebooked flight. I informed her that I paid a Travel Care Service for $49.00 which should cover this rebooking because it was the Airline who had changes in my original itinerary. Sophie told me that if want this new rebooked flight, I should go ahead and pay the rebooking fee or take a chance of finding another itinerary with more expensive flights.

And so to keep the rebooked date, I went ahead and gave her my credit card no to process the new booking. With the new booking of 10 August 2020 departure for Manila, I received an email notification that no foreigners are allowed to travel and entrance to the Philippines and quarantine rules are strictly enforced. The Manila airports were temporarily closed until further notice. I then called my assigned agent Sophie and informed her that even if I want to travel, I will not be allowed entry to the Philippines because I am now considered a foreigner being a US citizen.

She asked me what my options are and she offered if I would like a voucher for future travel. I told her that I am requesting for a full refund because of the legitimate reasons of not being able to travel. She then said that if I request for a refund, ASAP tickets will automatically deduct over $200.00 for processing because the airlines are charging them this fee. I once again informed her that my Travel care service insurance should cover this cancellation and she said she will refer my refund case to the corporate office and its not up to her.

From this conversation, she said that she is processing my refund request and will continue to update me on the progress. At first, I was calling Sophie every week and every time, she has a different answer, claims that corporate office is not responding to her emails, and while I am on the phone she said that she is sending another message. This went on for about a month and a half and finally three weeks ago, she said that ANA airlines is holding up the refund and not approving the ticket refund to ASAP tickets. I then called ANA airlines inquiring about my refund on the ticket and was told that they are not involved in refunding my ticket and that I should direct all request from ASAP tickets because I purchased my flight with them.

So many excuses from Sophie who seemed too concerned about the status of my refund. Being concerned does not help expedite my refund nor get a quick resolution or response from ASAP tickets. To this date, 12 October, I am finding it too difficult to reach Sophie over the phone, and my messages remained unanswered. I have seen too many bad reviews of customers requesting refunds from cancelled flights and I do not want to become another victim, hence am sending this review.

With all the legitimate reasons of being unable to travel, ASAP should reconsider issuing me a full refund as it is covered under their Travel care service and being unable to travel because of COVID 19 and quarantine restrictions not to mention closure of airports not allowing foreigners to enter the country, ASAP should review their procedures.

I am fully disgusted at this experience and it is causing me too much anxiety. I am 80 years old, and this refund is just important as I am retired and on a measly retired income

User's recommendation: Customers should check travel company reviews before purchasing their tickets. It was too late for me to notice the too many pissed reviews of ASAP tickets, bad choice for me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asap Tickets Flight Booking.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Asap Tickets Pros: Inexpensive flight tickets.

Asap Tickets Cons: Does not provide promised service abandoned us during a crisis, Poor customer service nobody answer.

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I am in the same situation for 7 months being told lies and passed on from customer service to customer service. Fill complaints with BBB, Attorney General and Department of Transportation.

Response #1936088

Dear Zenaida T, we very much appreciate your patience and understand any frustration you experienced. Issue details were forwarded to your Agent with Supervisor in the copy.


I am sending this response again after reading ASAP response that they have sent my details to my agent Sophie and copy to her supervisor. I was able to contact Sophie and was informed that a refund was already issued to me as per email from ASAP refund section.

So I called the credit card company to inquire and they went to my account from July 2020 to see if a refund was issued and there was nothing. I finally was able to contact Sophie again on 22 Oct 2020 to inform her that a refund was not done nor issued back to my credit card. She said that the refund section sent her an email that a refund was completed. I asked for a copy of the email but she said that she can't send me a copy because it is an internal communication and cannot be sent nor go anywhere.

My ticket was for $929.00 plus was charged an additional $35.00 for the ticket difference whey they rebooked me for another flight, making a total refund of $964.00. This case has really been so frustrating for me and I am spending time to contact my agent which makes everything impossible because she is not always available. Sophie promised me that if I don't see any refund I can give her back a call on the following Tuesday 27 Oct 2020. There must be a communication problem within ASAP corporate offices, refund departments and their agent employees because there seem to be a different response every time I call.

Too many lies and false statements. All I want is my refund and I have not heard any good news from this company ever since I requested for a refund. I wanted to travel but the Philippines is now allowing any foreigners to enter their country due to restrict COVID 19 regulations and high numbers of infected population. I am 80 years old, diabetic, with hypertension and in a very compromised health situation and travelling is not highly recommended due to the pandemic.

Please advise me of the HONEST TRUTH on when I can get my refund from your company.

I need my hard earned money and ASAP is really not customer oriented to even review customer requests and provide them with action. LIES LIES and more LIES does not resolve my issue!!!

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