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Flight confirmation # ZVR62W 1. Spent numerous days prior to flight attempting to reach them wanting to know my options, prior to travel ban.

2. Got in contact about a week later and requested a full refund, due to travel bans and shelter in place orders being mandated. Was informed a refund would be processed. 3.

Was emailed and told I received a credit and would need to rebook travel by the end of the year (2020) and would have to travel this year (2020). 4. Called and emailed stating that was not possible due to Covid-19 and not knowing if and when things will change, also work schedules may now not permit travel due to being off of work during this Pandemic. 5.

Was then sent an email days later stating out of my $3,067 purchase my refund would be $123 because ASAP would charge me fees and so would United for cancelling. 6. Told them that was unacceptable and would like a full refund as this is out of my control. 7.

Heard nothing back, have sent consistent communication to them at least once or twice weekly. 8. When someone did reply my mother and I were told that even though there are travel bans And shelter in place orders in place we can still go on our trip and that we should work with United to obtain our refunds although we purchased our tickets through ASAP. 9.

Flight was then cancelled by United. I was informed that ASAP would waive their fees but United is still charging a $300 cancellation fee per customer, per ticket. 10. I sent an email stating that United Has Cancelled The flight so I should not be penalized for that and should be issued a full refund.

11. Since sending that follow up email I have not had any communication with ASAP due to them not responding.

I just sent a follow up email asking for their response to my question of not being charged a cancellation fee by United as they cancelled my flight and it is out of my control. From this point I have not had contact with ASAP since 9/19/2020 when I sent them a follow up email regarding my refund.

User's recommendation: Do not purchase from them.

Monetary Loss: $3067.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Asap Tickets Cons: Worst customer service imaginable, Lied about a refund in the event of a pandemic, Are jerks and should be shut down as a business.

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Hi, Please follow link and unify with us!

Response #1942634

Dear Carlesia J., we have gathered all information together and your request is in progress. Be aware that processing time may be slower than usual due to the overwhelming number of cancellations and refunds.

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