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If I could, I would'n give any stars or negative stars. I doubt that there is more than two people behind the scenes.

I have always talked with Umesh.

I will certainly never again use this agency, should have known better. It is the second time with a bad experience. Last year they never sent the confirmation email to my daughter, she was never able to the check-in online. She was late arriving to the airport (her own fault, a busy college student in Harvard that got into very bad pre-Christmas traffic) and because she had not done her checking, she missed her flight.

They never accepted wrong-doing, accepted any responsibility, never helped her out (the airline did) and the agent (Umesh) the whole time he was on the phone with her, instructed her to stop crying. Completely unprofessional.

This year again I turned to them in desperation because I had waited too long (I did not know if I could fly with the Covid-19 situation, but my mother is 88, lives in a nursing home in Spain, and we had a scared: she was showing symptoms but tested negative in the end, but I decided to try to buy tickets). I turned to this agent again with a very specific request: I had some fights that I liked on the dates I liked with the airline I liked. I just wanted to know if they had any better deals for THOSE flights.

Then after much back and forth and talk about how one airline has only two prices, and much talk...I ended up buying three tickets (for me and 2 of my daughters) with a return day later than I have initially wished (I was given myself one extra day because of one of my daughters exams on the return). I insisted many times asking if these tickets will be honored as Lufthansa/United tickets and would be giving the same rights with the Covid-19 situation. Yes, yes, these were good airline tickets, I was promised. Then, within less than 24 hours something changed (my daughter exam was now moved one day up) and I wanted to get a refund, which all the airlines provide within 24 hours.

They denied, talked about rules being different...blah, blah. I did not want to have anything to do with them anymore. Also, I have found more than one option for cheaper tickets with the same Star Alliance group (Lufthansa, Swiss Air, United) on Kayak (so much for the magic of ASAP) and I was ready to just get my refund and buy my tickets my own way. I felt I had no rights and everything was murky.

I could not. They were going to give me credit for the future. I said there will not be a future. In the end they changed the date of my return flight, and they used the old charge.

I do not understand how they can just have the same exact price, and why if that was the case I was not given this return day on the first place....they have wiggle room obviously, they can make exceptions, obviously, they can adjust things obviously, but they will deny you of the basic right of cancelling your flight within the first 24 hours.

This morning my credit card company called: there are 2 charges on my credit card. I am out of myself. I have given them 2 hours to post the refund for the first one, and I am already filled the dispute-of-charge papers; in 2 hours they will be sent if I don't see the refund.

I really should dispute both charges and get out of this nightmare.

I wasted 2 days on this, and I got very angry and sad and desperate. Save yourself a lot of anger and time, and buy your tickets from some more reputable agent or directly from the airlines.

User's recommendation: Save yourself time and grief. Do not use ASAP.

Monetary Loss: $4777.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Asap Tickets Cons: Disgraceful service, Charged twice, No 24h free penalty cancellation that all airlines offer.

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