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I paid $1,037.25 for a ticket to the Philippines from ASAP tickets. Though Im currently paying monthly payments with affirm.

My flight was scheduled in March but had to reschedule due to covid. My rescheduled flight was April but had to cancelled my flight because Philippines didnt allow international flights in. I called ASAP tickets to get a refund but since I didnt get insurance so they told me a $250 processing fee will be deducted from my ticket price. Ive called multiple times saying its not my fault because of covid I cant travel.

But they wouldnt refund me fully even if I keep explaining the if there was no covid I would travel but due to covid I can travel so refund me my money. They wont refund my full amount because they would have to take $250 for processing fee .

Theyve made excuses to saying the airlines didnt refund them yet but Ive personally called Philippines airlines and they said it was refunded already. I dont k ow what else to do please hope me I just want all my money back.

User's recommendation: Don’t buy from this company they don’t take care of their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asap Tickets Flight Booking.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Asap Tickets Cons: Everything sucks about this company.

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SC-100 is your best move philjoyce. I am and was in a similar situation like yours with ASAP Tickets but I am offering my help to you kababayan or not kababayan.

I am sure ASAP TICKETS will be reading this but I got all my money back. contact me or text me anytime free of charge. 530-400-**** or email at 2minglanillaatgmaildotcom.

and I will help you get all your money back in less than 5mos. tiwala lang kabayan.

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Dear PhilJoyce, please help us to locate your travel request by sending your Booking Confirmation Number and associated email address at with the reference to the Review Number #2327958. Thank you in advance!


No thanks you guys don’t help all you guys do is try to keep my money.

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